Blackhead Mask Charcoal Whitening Complex Peel Off



Natural products for the beauty from the lowest point of the Dead sea. In the mud of the Dead sea contains ten times more rare minerals and microelements than in other therapeutic mud.

An unique Spa treatment with Dead sea products can not be compared with any procedure in beauty salons.

Beauty secrets of Cleopatra The Jordan Dead Sea keeps countless millennia of treasures, which are considered the unsurpassed beauty secret of Cleopatra. Since ancient times these treasures were exclusively a Royal pleasure, but in our time, any Hollywood star can enjoy the treasures of the Dead Sea.

Sea mud with mineral salts Purifies, controls oil balance of the skin, at the same time enriches the skin with over 35 minerals.

Deep ocean water Deep-sea water enriched with minerals replenishes skin, reduces dryness and gives the skin a natural tone.


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