24K Gold Caviar Whitening Mask Face Rejuvenation Peel Off


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Whitening Gold Caviar Peel Off Mask Mask Face Rejuvenation Moisturizing

Specifications: 150ml. Suitable for skin: all skin types. Effect: Restoration of elasticity and youth of the skin.

Before use: the skin is relatively dry and dull.
After use: the skin is glossy and moisturized. Improves skin elasticity.

Before use: rough skin, enlarged pores. After use: gentle smooth and glossy skin.

Details: Discover the secrets of an elastic skin. Peel-off mask with 24K liquid gold. Provides skin elasticity. Eliminates fine lines. Smooth, delicate and glossy skin. Indications for use: Your skin suffers of the influence of environment and age changes!


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