White Gold Anti-Marks Cream Extra Whitening (Beware of Fakes)

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White Gold ® Anti-Marks Cream Extra Whitening with Fruity Boosters is a coherent compound of potent Fruity boosters that are more effective for most skin problems, including Acne, Pimples, Wrinkles, Freckles and Dark Circles.

  • Revitalizing of skin
  • Facial fairness appearance
  • Refining of Pores

“White Gold ® Cream Extra Whitening” contains potent and healthy nurturing properties, which allows you to get rid of most skin-related issues. This special product offers you Fairness and Nutrition of your epidermis layer.

Fruity Boosters have a variety of natural vitamins that are known for various Skin Problems. Vitamin-C is a natural anti-oxidant that can be useful for fighting toxins, sets back ageing, and also promotes collagen production that can make your epidermis soft and sleek.

Fruity Boosters also have Supplements A, C and K that are of the highest level of anti-oxidants.

Vitamins A, C and K are also known for Epidermis Restoration. The Fruity Components are excellent for the elimination of greasy Skin too.

World-famous White Gold Cream contains natural extracts for healthy Skin care without any destructive petrochemicals and artificial ingredients, which could be dangerous to health.


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