White Gold Combo Pack Saver

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Get your combo pack White Gold Anti-Marks Cream plus Extra Whitening Beauty Bar at a deal!

2 reviews for White Gold Combo Pack Saver

  1. Lindiwe Canham (verified owner)

    This combo is absolutely amazing. I used to suffer from dry, acne-prone, freckled and blemished skin with stubborn pimples and ugly pores. Ever since I discovered these products about 2 months ago, we’ve been inseperable. I’ve even recommended it to friends, family and colleagues and they are raving about it.

    The soap is nothing short of special. It even killed my skin tags, hard pimples and moles which I have been struggling for years to get rid of. And on top that, it doesn’t dry out the skin. The cream has this beautiful fruity smell and leaves my skin plump, radiant and glowing. My skin hasn’t looked this beautiful in years. I’m very happy with these products and absolutely ecstatic to have discovered them. Thank you, Zack!

  2. Pontsho Mkize


    I started off with dark patches and a very uneven skin tone as my skin combination is very oily and dry if any of that makes sense *lol*

    I then bought the product and since then my skin looks and feels absolutely amazing!!! I don’t even have to wear make up anymore and people still think I wear makeup because of how flawless my skin looks. Results can be visible within the the first 2 days of using the product.

    I think id probably land up in ICU if id ever have to loose or stop using it. unlike major brands that say what they do and don’t actually live up too their promise this product is sure case the best in the market and sure does practice what it preaches.

    @WHITEGOLDCREAM thank you for correcting years of skin damage in just 2 months and at an affordable price too!!! I recommend these products to every woman who’s had years of skin problems.

    Their products are a dermatologist in a tub.

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